The Fancy Pants Adventure 2 game

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Long awaited sequel to Fancy Pant Adventures is finally here. And again the stickman with the fancy pants takes the monitor screens by storm! This is the new adventure of the beloved platform action game hero. That stylish protagonist with yellow pants is back. After a rousing game of Fancy Golf, the Mayor of Squigglesville awards Fancy Pants with an ice cream cone. Unfortunately, a purple rabbit leaps into to steal the cone and carry it underground. Collect more squiggles, stomp more enemies, and bounce Fancy balls into each hole to advance through the levels and find that nasty rabbit. Controls: Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press UP ARROW KEY to enter door. Hit DOWN ARROW KEY to duck/slide/roll. And use "S" KEY to jump. You can press SPACEBAR to pause the game. Move to that Start Game doors and press UP ARROW to start. Have fun!

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